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When a close friend of mine was being congratulated on father’s day for his first father’s day and he posted pictures of his first father’s day meal (which looked delectable), I started to get extremely confused as I was sure his wife was due to give birth to their baby in August. It started my wife and I discussing whether or not he was already a father and the conversation became far more complex and philosophical than my over taxed brain was capable off.

Anyway that was 2 weeks ago. Today I finally got round to checking my ancient Hotmail email account (the 3rd email account I got after my first – Altavista, remember them anyone?, and my second – Yahoo, remember when they were a search engine?), and low and behold my friend had sent an email 3 days before Father’s day (which is 16th June here in the UK) letting us know his wife had had the baby! It was great news to hear on a day when I struggled to get out of bed due to a body that is so stiff (I played squash again last night, for 4th week in a row, after an absence of about 5 years) that I could be re-christened the Man of Steel (in the inflexible steel rod sense).

Anyway it encouraged me to go back and work on the parenting links I had been due to put up on my work-in-progress website,, which is an archive of all the links I have found useful over the years, by the subjects that I am interested in or have affected me and been part of my life.

I have been a parent for 5 years and I love it, although no amount of blogs or books can ever truly describe what the experience entails. You just have to live it to understand it, and everyone understands it in their own way. It is hard at times, lots of times, but the rewards are worth it, at least for me and my wife. Our daughter has always been well behaved and well mannered (thanks to good mothering I stress) and generally calm, but she has started to get a little bit spoilt, crying towards the tantrum level just when she doesn’t get the ice-cream or treat she wants or see’s another kid have. This is not great, as if she expects to be given treats whenever she opens her mouth then she’ll be sorely disappointed and shocked when she grows up and realises life doesn’t always give you what you shout for.

As my wife constantly reminds me (she is a child psychologist) children need boundaries. It makes them feel safe and helps them process the realities of life when they grow up. It is something I agree with, as I am trying to develop this myself, having suffered the consequences of being materially spoilt too much as a child myself.

Anyway, my flow of thoughts on parting were interrupted by the Delivery man who brought over the needed Blue Polo Shirts I ordered when the sun was finally beating through the perpetually grey UK sky last week.

So until the next blog post.

Good Luck all you new parents out there!

New dad and baby

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